Money Saving Tips

Saving you money during your magazine or booklet printing process is something we strive to assist with

Number of pages and standard sizes

We print A4 sized pages in 8 page sections on an SRA2 sheet. A5 sized pages (which are exactly half A4), are print in 16pp sections on an SRA2 sheet. Therefore, the most cost effective number of pages for you magazine/booklet is to print in multiples of 8pp sections for A4, and 16pp sections for A5.

If this is not possible, then the next best option is to print in multiples of half sections, ie 4pp for A4 sized pages and 8pp for A5.

Covers are usually 4 pages and often on a heavier stock, the inside pages would be ideally printed in 8 or 16pp sections depending on the finished size of the job.

Paper weights

If you whole magazine/booklet is printed on the same stock, this is called ‘self cover’. If the cover is on a different weight stock (usually heavier), then the product is “plus cover”.

Binding types saddle stitched and perfect bound

As a stitched booklet increases in page count, it can become slightly “bowed” at the spine. Generally this happens after around 64 pages, bit depends on the thickness of paper used. Over 64pp we generally would advise to have the document “perfect bound”. This method produces a “square back” spine with the pages glued into the cover. In this case, we would advise the cover be at least a 200gsm board stock.

Supplying your pdf in the correct format. To make sure things flow as smooth as possible, supplying us with a print ready pdf is critical. Read our page on How to supply your artwork file for more details.

Because we have our own mailing department, you save on transportation costs between printer and mailing provider. We have extensive knowledge of discounts available from various carriers. For example, with the Royal Mail, it is much cheaper to send items up to A5 in size, than it is A4. So many magazines have reduced their publications to A5 format to get the best rates. Further discounts are available on runs over 1000 since we can use Royal Mails Mailsort discount.