Paper Types

We can provide the perfect London printing service with our range of high quality paper types


If it’s the highest quality pictures you seek, then gloss art paper produces the sharpest photos and most contrast due to the higher reflection, and sharper dots due to its smooth finish. Great for showing off things like art and detailed products, but can be more prone to reflection and fingerprint marks.

We research our papers for bulk, smoothness, whiteness, and scuff resistance to ensure printing looks outstanding when we print at high resolution 200 lines per inch and in perfect register.


Gives a luxurious understated quality feel. Useful for business to business publishing and marketing material. Because it is more prone to scuffing than gloss papers, we recommend that an overprint silk coating is specified, to protect the quality of the print.

The silk we use gives exceptional results and gives you everything you want from a silk paper.  Smooth and velvety to the touch, it has a uniquely high quality feel to it.


This paper is actually slightly more expensive that the coated stocks but is often used to portray an association with the environment, or if an understated feel for the product is required, where the importance is the message, not the medium.


The message is ‘we care about the environment’ and is growing in popularity. Available as part or full recycled, in all grades (Gloss, Matt and uncoated).

All our papers are FSC Certified which stands for “Forest Stewardship Council”, which is a non-profit organisation which ensures that the paper comes from well managed sources and exclude illegally logged timber.